The Online Stock Market

Over the past months we've been continuing to develop the concept of the project, and now we've reached our golden point. GrowStocks is an Online Stock Market for Growtopia with widgets to help you in your investments.

GrowStocks GUIDE

It's over here! You can check this guide if you have any troubles in using our service.

What is GrowStocks?

GrowStocks is an organization that wants to help Growtopians by giving them a detailed overview on each item and its economy with a lot of cool widgets and easy to read graphs. The project is founded by Matteu, co-developed with DataCell. The website is managed by MrAugu. You can find our social media links below this paragraph.

What are the benefits of using GrowStocks?

GrowStocks can benefit both sellers and buyers. Buyers can calclate profit and check price graphs to check their planned investment's return value to see if the investment is going to be profitable or not. Another benefit of GrowStocks is that you don't need to scramble around trade worlds to know what item to invest in, you can do it here with a push of a button! GrowStocks will continue to enhance user experience by making more useful features and build a better relationship to the users.